Trick with toothpaste

20 Amazing Trick with toothpaste

20 Amazing Trick with toothpaste, Usually, toothpaste is used to brush teeth. However, it is also beneficial for other things, and in this article, you will see other 20 great things that toothpaste can do. It absorbs humidity and reis very well, making it great for removing stains and for cleaning a lot of things

Trick with toothpaste

Amazing Trick with toothpaste

Silver polish

You need to use unique silver cleaning products every time it gets blotchy and dirty. But, you don’t need the products. Instead, bring your toothpaste and rub the silver with it, and its shine will be restored.

Car headlights

Just as much attention is paid to the metal parts, the same should be extended to the headlights every once in a while. For this, there is nothing better suited for the job than toothpaste. Put some of it on a sponge and rub gently, and your headlights will get rid of all the dirt.

Whitening old piano keys

With age, not only does the piano start breaking down, but the beautiful white keys discolor and become yellow. Ust as toothpaste helps with yellow teeth; it has the same effect on the piano keys in just a couple of minutes.

Cleaning sneakers: Trick with toothpaste 

For the dirty and plastic part of the sneakers, toothpaste is a great cleaning agent that does quite a lot with minimal scrubbing.

Aviator goggles

Before your next dive, use some toothpaste to clean the goggles. It prevents them from fogging by creating an invisible layer.

Cup or glass stains on the table

To restore the glory of your tabletop, take some toothpaste and a sponge, and in 2 seconds, you will be amazed.

Shirt with ink stains: Trick with toothpaste

You accidentally got ink on your favorite shirt? Just apply some toothpaste to the area with the stain, leave it for 24 hours, and then wash it. You will not need to throw the shirt away.

Towels with dye stains

If you stained your shirt or towel with a dye color, toothpaste helps get rid of the stains.

Insect bites

Applying toothpaste to the affected area helps relieve itching and red spots, helping you forget insect bites fast.

Pimples: Trick with toothpaste

Toothpaste has excellent results on pimples also.

Cleaning the iron: Trick with toothpaste

To help your iron look like it’s new again, use some toothpaste to clean it.

Cleaning your smartphone

It is also a great idea to use toothpaste to clean your phone as well.


Not only is toothpaste good at cleaning shoes, but it also gives them a great and fresh fragrance.

Carpet stains

If you have some stains on your carpet, get some toothpaste and a sponge and rub and see what happens.

Enamel stains

You don’t have to leave any cleaning marks when cleaning enamel stains. Toothpaste will remove them with more ease and leave a great scent in their place.

Dirty hands

You can use toothpaste to wash your hands as well.

Cleaning the thermos: Trick with toothpaste

After your thermos starts to smell weird after being used for some time, add in some hot water and toothpaste, and you should be able to clean it and disinfect it.

Fix CD and DVD scratches

Watching a skipping CD is not any fun, and toothpaste can help with that. Just rub some of it over the scratches, and the CD will run without any issues.

Remove scratches from the car.

Use a small amount of toothpaste and a soft piece of cloth and rub gently on where the scratches are. Wipe off with another clean cloth, and the scratches are no more.

Hang posters

Add a little dab on each of the poster’s corners and a little elsewhere, and your sign will stick like glue. Also, when you want to remove it, there will be no damages to the wall or the poster.

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