facts about Left-Handed People

23 facts about Left-Handed People 

23 facts about Left-Handed People, Medical experts are yet to convincingly answer the question: What causes an individual to become left-handed? Nevertheless, studies point to a complex link between environment and genes. Researchers have also discovered different brain wirings in left-handed and right-handed people. It’s also worth knowing that left-handed individuals tend to be more independent since they’ve spent their entire lives trying to adapt to this right-handed world.

facts about Left-Handed People

As such, you need to learn some new and exciting facts about left-handed individuals.

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Facts about Left-Handed People:

  1. 5 to 10% of the world’s population is left-handed.
  2. Left-handed individuals are three times more likely to become alcoholics.
  3. Left-handed people usually use the right side of the brain.
  4. Left-handed people usually reach puberty five months later than usual.
  5. Left-handed individuals perform well in various kinds of sports. 40% of the world’s top tennis players are left-handed.
  6. Four out of the seven most recent U.S. presidents were left-handed.
  7. Statistics show that left-handed college graduates end up becoming 26% richer than their right-handed counterparts.
  8. The past years saw left-handedness and left-handed individuals being associated with evil deeds, like criminality, rebellion, homosexuality, and nasty habits.
  9. The word “left” in English is coined from the Anglo-Saxon word left, which means broken or weak.
  10. Women who are expectant in their 40s have a 128% chance of having a left-handed baby instead of pregnant women in their 20s.
  11. There exists almost equal numbers of right- and left-pawed cats, rats, and mice.
  12. According to a recent study, left-handed people are highly talented in spatial awareness, architecture, and math. On the other hand, right-handed people are usually more talented verbally.
  13. One of the four Apollo astronauts was left-handed.
  14. Recent statistics show that almost 30 million people in the U.S. are left-handed.
  15. A recent study has revealed that left-handed individuals are slightly more vulnerable to allergies and asthma than righties.
  16. In a study, medical experts have discovered that a left-handed individual can quickly learn to use the other hand when injuring his dominant hand. This is not the case with right-handed people.
  17. The longest words can only be typed using the left hand. Conventional hand placement include dresses, sweater, and tesserae decades.
  18. Left-handedness runs in the families. Left-handed individuals in the British Royal Family include Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mother, Prince Charles, and Prince William.
  19. Left-handed individuals are more susceptible to insomnia.
  20.  August 13th is International Left-Handers Day.
  21. A good number of the most wanted murderers across the globe were left-handed. They include The Boston Strangles, Osama Bin Laden, and Jack the Ripper.
  22. Left-handed individuals can adjust to seeing underwater better than right-handed people.
  23. Left-handed individuals typically get hungry much faster as opposed to their right-handed peers.

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